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Since 2010, we have been offering a wide range of physical therapy services to the adolescent through geriatric population including orthopedics, headache and TMJ therapy, myofascial release therapy, acute injury and chronic pain, post surgical care and motor vehicle accident therapy. We are experienced in the special needs of the Ehlers - Danlos and hyper-mobile patients. Our individual sessions focus on the person not only the diagnosis.


Your treatment session will be individual, hands on and directed at maximizing your function and improving your comfort. We understand that the idea of therapy can be anxiety provoking for some people. We will make sure you understand your diagnosis and our evalution findings and discuss options available to you. Most of the treatments involved a hands on "bodywork" component, an exercise component and a home program component where you carryover exercises taught in the clinic, pain relieving techniques, activity modifications and self care strategies such as foam rollering, postural cuing, changing work station set ups, etc. We know you have a choice of many providers in the area. We believe the individual and hands on approach yields the best results in the shortest time. We strive to get you back to what matters most to you. We will empower you to know how to care for yourself when you leave treatment.
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Myofascial release is a gentle mobilization technique that uses sustained pressures focused on relieving restrictions in your fascial system. The fascial system is the 3 D matrix of supporting connective tissue that surrounds all your organs, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. It allows us to stretch and absorb forces in all planes. Fascia responds to trauma and inflammation by becoming hardened, dehydrated and less pliable. Damaged fascia is capable of putting 2000 lbs per square inch on nerve fibers. Myofascial release treatment eliminates these "templates" of injury that our bodies have stored and allows one to move freely without pain.
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